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Wesley Stacey
The wild thing

An MGA travelling exhibition

Wesley Stacey is a living legend of environmental photography. For over 40 years he has been photographing the complex ecology of the Australian continent. This has included expansive folios of work on cultural heritage, the natural environment, and the Indigenous custodianship of land.

Across the breadth of his art practice, Stacey connects us with a certain kind of wildness. For Stacey, ‘the wild’ is not something out there on the horizon; something to be passively observed from a civilised distance. Instead, it is an untamed energy that flows through us and our environment; something that needs to be felt with the body as much as seen with the eyes.

This is particularly evident in Stacey’s panoramic photographs of unfolding landscapes, which draw the viewer into mysterious depths. His image sequences, elaborated in photobooks and serialised installations, also launch us on rhythmic trajectories through the landscape. And his impressionistic snapshots, with their motion blur and vivid colours, embed the viewer in a world of matter and movement.

This exhibition surveys four decades of Stacey’s art practice, highlighting how he has used various photographic forms to engage us with the wild side of life.

Venues considering hosting this exhibition or wish to discuss in more detail can contact the gallery with an expression of interest on 03 8544 0500 or email to [email protected]

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The wild thing

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