Current Exhibitions

STAGES: life in lockdown

1 June 2021 to 29 August 2021

In an exhibition that will explode across MGA’s Atrium Gallery wall, we are seeking that one image you took during Melbourne’s lockdown as a result of the global COVID pandemic. So mine your archives and pull out that photograph that captures a moment that speaks to your experience. Works will be selected for exhibition in MGA’s Atrium Gallery during the STAGES: photography through the pandemic exhibition until 29 August 2021. The exhibition will grow over the life over the exhibition, so add your experience to the cultural record.

Remaining submission deadline

  • Sunday 8 August 2021



Exhibiting artists:
Klari AGAR, Anne ALGAR, Robynne ALLEN, Peter ANDREWARTHA, Ying ANG, Leslie ARNOTT, Zoe ARNOTT, Dena ASHBOLT, Simon AUBOR, Marc BAPTISTA, Grace BARBER, Sarah BARKER, Elaine BATTON, Peter BAXTER, Veronique BERARD, Devika BILIMORIA, Greg BILTON, Madeline BISHOP, Catherine BLACK, Jordana BRAGG, Leonie BRANNINGHAN, James BUGG, Daniel BUSHAWAY, Steven CADDY, Kate CAHIN, Wandi CAO, Ssu-Hua CHEN, Ali CHOUDHRY, Ryley CLARKE, Steph CLARKE, Maria COLAIDIS, Natalie COOPER, Angela CORNISH, Luke DAVID, Lisa DAVIES, Sandra DAVIS, Jessie DINAN, Nick DOOLAN, Kristyna ERBENOVA, Yosando FAIZAL, Simon FAZIO, Michael FOGARTY, Liam GAMMON, Corrado GISMONDI, Ed GORWELL, Ronnie GRAMMATICA, Laura GROGAN, Narelle HAAS, Karl HALLIDAY, Cathryn HALLPIKE, Alli HARPER, John HARRISON, EJ HASSAN, Ben HATTINGH, Chris HILTON, Deborah HORNER, Penelope HUNT, Callum JACKSON, Ewan JAMES, Kim JANE, Jade JEFFERIES, Matt JONES, Chris KELLY, Phoebe KELLY, Henry KING, Pamela KLEEMANN-PASSI, Deborah KLEIN, Fred KROH, Alla KUYUNZHI, Guy LAMOTHE, Jana LANGHORST, Nathan LARKIN, Kelvin LAU, Georgia LAUGHTON, Denise LAWRY, Pearce LEAL, David LINDSEY, Adam LUTTICK, Beatrice MAGALOTTI, Clare MARTIN LAPWORTH, Bec MATHESON, Julie and Greg MATHESON, Richard MCKENZIE, Carole MILLS NORONHA, Anne MOFFAT, Anna MOLAN, Garry MOORE, Antonino MURATORE, Steve NALLY, Mani NEJAD, Rebecca NG, Anna NG, Matthew O’DONNELL, Barbara OEHRING, Alejandra OLAVARRIA, Tahlia PALMER, Cindy PARKER, Alexandrena PARKER, Gary PARKINSON, Sonia PAYES, Emma PERRY, Viki PETHERBRIDGE, Wayne POLLARD, Zorica PURLIJA, Philipa PURSER, Sammuel REBBECHI, Christopher RICKARD, Patrick RILEY, Emily RODEN, Ilana ROSE, Guy SANSOM, Elizabeth SCHIAVELLO, Amber SCHMIDT, Alex SCHOELCHER, Gina SECCHI, Cecelia SORDI CAMPOS, Linda STUDENA, Fiona SZABO, Ufuk TANER, David TATNALL, Michael THOMAS, Ross THOMPSON, Mary THORNEY, Abigail VARNEY, Jill VELINOS, Heidi VICTORIA, Peter WATERS, Alan WEEDON, Nick WELLMAN, Anna WHITE, Cory WHITE, Michael WOLFE, Phoebe WYNNE, Shelley XUE

MGA exhibition space, the Atrium Gallery, provides emerging artists with an opportunity to showcase their practice to MGA’s audiences. The Atrium Gallery is situated between MGA and the Wheelers Hill Library and is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 6.00pm; Saturdays from 9.00am to 4.00pm; Sundays 10.00am to 4.00pm.

UPDATE 27 July 2021 We are pleased to announce that our gallery is open from Wednesday 28 July. Please BOOK HERE to guarantee entry on arrival. Walk-ins are welcome if capacity numbers allow. We ask all visitors (except those under 12-years-old and those with health exemptions) to wear a mask and to scan the QR code on arrival for contact tracing.

UPDATE 16 July 2021: Please note that MGA will be briefly closed due to Melbourne's lockdown. Our exhibitions will be closed and our weekend events postponed. We appreciate your continued support during this time and look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

UPDATE 19 June 2021: MGA Atrim Gallery is open. We ask all visitors to wear a mask and to scan the QR code on arrival for contact tracing.

UPDATE 27 May 2021: MGA is closed due to recent restrictions and our scheduled exhibition and installation dates have been delayed. This exhibition will be open to the public at a date to be confirmed.

Current Exhibitions

  • STAGES: photography through the pandemic
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  • STAGES: life in lockdown
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  • William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize
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