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Taking pictures some time later: Concettina Inserra & Lyndal Walker

Taking pictures some time later: Concettina Inserra & Lyndal Walker

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17 July 2010 to 5 September 2010
Special Exhibitions Gallery
and Wilbow Gallery

Taking pictures some time later is a dialogue that takes up Carol Jerrems' suggestion that photography might be "a way of bringing people together, by showing them photographs of each other as a sort of communication".

In 2000 Concettina Inserra and Lyndal Walker produced a photograph titled "Pole Street" as a tribute to Jerrems' "Vale Street" (1975). Jerrems' iconic image shows a topless woman staring boldly into the camera, personifying the optimism of 1970s counterculture and feminist politics. Reflecting on this image 25 years later, Inserra and Walker felt that those dreams of liberation had not been fulfilled. As a response, their photograph features Walker with arms crossed over her chest in a more defiant and impatient stance.

For Taking pictures some time later, Inserra and Walker have extended their dialogue to include friends, colleagues and fans of Jerrems, along with a younger generation of artist who remain committed to a feminist politic.

MGA opening remarks by MGA Director Shaune Lakin and MGA Curator Stephen Zagala can be seen here

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