2019 Darkroom Dinner Auction Items

Melissia SPICCIA

Untitled  2018
from the series Lethe
pigment ink-jet print 45.7 x 30.4 cm
courtesy of the artist

edition: 1/25
estimate: $900 – $1100

Melissa Spiccia (1977– ) is an Australian artist now based in London and was a 2018 Bowness Photography Prize finalist with this work. She began her career as a professional dancer in Australia and Europe before moving away from performing and into photography. Her career as a dancer and her intimate knowledge of the body is evident in her photographic practice. She explores the body in all its forms and guises and its importance as evidence of existence. Her work has featured in numerous photography magazines, online platforms and group exhibitions. Her work ‘Metro’ won the Life Framer Photography Prize in the Human Body Category (2016), and went on to be exhibited in New York, Tokyo and Rome in 2017. She received an honourable mention in the 11th Julia Margaret Cameron International Award for women photographers (2018), and was was selected from the inaugural Der Greif and World Photo Organisation open call to be in the curated selection of Contemporary Photography.

Artist statement: ‘Untitled’ belongs to a series called Lethe; a product of my ongoing curiosity about time and its connection between the body and photography.

How our bodies hold time led me to the work of philosopher, Brad Skow. Skow has a theory on the past, present and future, whereby he believes the three coexist. ‘We are not located at a single time. Time does not pass.’ Instead, his theory suggests that we exist in a ‘temporarily scattered’ condition. ‘Spread out in time, something like the way you’re spread out in space.’

Subjectively, I believe photography can capture this scattered state by validating something that becomes almost tangible – observing in the image, time spread out in all directions and altering our relationship with it.’



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