The Director's Circle

The Director’s Circle provides visionary philanthropic leadership and they share our passion and commitment to photography. Director’s Circle donors contribute $2,500 or more per annum and join a network of donors who receive regular insights and updates on future plans, recent acquisitions, exhibitions, programs and events. A calendar of bespoke engagement events tailored to the member will unfold throughout the year, hosted by the Director which provides unrivalled access to artists, curators and creatives.

MGA and our artists need your help now 

The devastating impact of COVID-19 on the arts sector continues, and has highlighted how vital arts and culture is to remain connected with each other. MGA’s extended closure has dramatically reduced our ability to raise the $72,000 needed through philanthropy this year to fund our exhibition program. We need your help to enable us to connect with each other and bring MGA’s ground-breaking exhibitions to life.

Through visionary philanthropic leadership, you can enable MGA to continue championing photography during this difficult time and to provide support directly to artists.


Director’s Circle donors contribute $2,500 or more per annum towards MGA’s exhibitions and programming, with support directed to where it is most needed.

Help us to deliver:

PHOTO 2021 Not standing still: new approaches in documentary photography; directly support artists fees and the production of their work. This exhibition will profile MGA on a global stage during the inaugural PHOTO 2021 international photography festival.

STAGES: photography through the pandemic. STAGES responds to the critical, creative and economic imperatives of COVID-19 and provides support directly to practicing artists. A selection of works will be acquired in to MGA’s collection, putting our current experience on the cultural record.

Education and Public Programs that promote wider access to photography and create new ways to connect meaningfully with our audiences. MGA’s programs are to embrace dynamic digital programs and content through hybrid events and collaborations, empowering people to access and engage online.        

Every donated dollar directly supports MGA and our artists
Join our Director’s Circle to empower MGA to champion photography, support the practice of living photographers and enable audiences to discover photography online.

Please consider making a tax deductible gift and directly enable MGA and our artists to not just survive in this time of crisis, but thrive into the future.

Join with us as we change the landscape for MGA, Australian photography and our artists.



If you are interested in supporting MGA in other areas, or would like more information about our donor circles and benefits, annual giving or bequests, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

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